Shaya Weinberger Talks Art

Spatial dislocation of theater institutions outside the theater building - in non-theatrical spaces is one of the peculiarities of Shaya Weinberger performing hotel pro forma. Setting work in an unfamiliar environment, in a new context, Shaya can create an unusual way of looking at reality and a new form of understanding the reality.

Strong visual images of neo baroque art in the specific spatial conditions can be seen in the work of Shaya Weinberger, as well as visual dramaturgy placed observers in a special relationship with the national team, where Weinberger can choose the position of perceiving theater work. Specific areas in which there are physical and virtual scenery installation promote polycentric visual structure. Thanks to its unusual visual positions such as, for example, an aerial view imposed on the viewer in the exhibition "Algebra place" or "Why do the night comes, Mother?", as well ability to choose the position from which to watch the performance…

Weinbergers Tips on Making an Art Career via Social Media Platforms

Every artist, no matter what form of art he does, should have a blog that showcases his work. Nowadays there are many great blogging platforms as blogs are a great way to tell your story and share content to social media channels, and thus keep your followers engaged. Shaya Weinberger utilizes different social media platforms to display his work of art. As he says, the internet is a great opportunity for both emerging artists and buyers, because they can enter the visual art market and even shape its development. Social media platforms offer benefits that can help artists get started in this rapidly expanding online visual art market.

The first and primer purpose of social media is to be social. That's why Shaya encourages aspiring artists not to use these platforms merely to talk about themselves, but rather to engage with others as much as possible. Joining a community and collaborating with other artists is the best way to achieve that. Shaya Weinberger recommends following arti…

About Professional Artists And Social Media

Shaya Weinberger is an American artist, who celebrates the creative life and the creative act, by showcasing the best work in all media and in all styles. This artist reminds us that great works of art can come from anywhere, and be made from anything. For him, there doesn’t have to be a specific background story or a theory about drawing or painting. Each of his work is created based on his everyday thoughts and feelings. He creates art to meditate on himself and others, and to be able to see the whole story of the series in the end.

As an artist, he is always looking for new ways to spark the creative juices. It’s never been easy to become a professional artist, but where there is will, there is a way. So if you want to become one, here are a few things that Weinberger recommends.

Successful artists understand the business aspect of making a living as an artist. They know the value of relationships and network in person and through social media. Shaya has used extensively to…

Art Lessons

Developing into a professional artist indeed takes talent, but more importantly it also takes discipline, effort, and willingness to sacrifice. Shaya Weinberger is an already established artist who has successfully taken the road towards becoming a professional artist. His rich experience has given him valuable lessons that now he is willing to share, hoping to serve as inspiration and guidance for other emerging artists. Becoming a professional artist requires more than simply being blessed with natural reading talent or ability, as you still have to grow and develop these talents. Artists constantly need to develop skills and discipline in drawing, conceptualizing, and direct observation.
Becoming a professional artist and getting an artistic job, is both exciting and challenging, so Weinberger had to learn how to navigate the legal, technical and social elements that come with the profession. An artist who sells a piece of art is primarily selling a piece of himself. So let the p…

Shaya Weinberger: Parking Lots into Open Galleries

New York residents recently got a new place where they can view art for free, whenever they like. Thanks to artist Shaya Weinberger New Yorkers can now enjoy art while parking their cars.

The “Park inside the Box” project was initiated by Weinberger, art professor at Jackson Heights High School in Bronx, NYC, who changed the look of the monotonous parking booths and turned them into real pieces of public art.

Targeting lowly places for public art projects brings more interest than any usual beautiful place. Shaya strongly believes that it is possible to do creative and inspiring things even in uninteresting places. By reaching for something that is usually considered unworthy, and by giving it attention and creative energy, you transform that architectural object and it functions on lots of levels.

The main idea of the project is to combine public art with utilitarian functions. The purpose of the project is to find mundane, dull places of public character and transform them into pleasi…

Shaya Installing New Public Art

As part of the recently completed expansion of O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, around 15 established artists, including Shaya Weinberger, had the opportunity to install their new public art works. The purpose of this project was to research and hopefully enhance the customer experience, and at the same time create a positive impression of Chicago for travellers.

For artist Shaya, airports are not only physical but cultural getaways also. The renewed artist is also glad that the city officials allowed artist to do their job and make their statement about Chicago. Three important projects have already been installed while the fourth one is expected to be ready for opening by the end of the month.

The projects designed by Weinberger were selected from a large number of applicants, after a long process that included several reviews and panels. The look they’re going for stretches beyond showing Chicago as a place of cultural style.

When put together these art pieces portray th…

Weinberger Designs Renewable Energy Public Art

New York-based artist Shaya Weinberger has put an effort into discovering what could happen when public art meets renewable energy. The enthusiastic artist has proposed several public art structures designed to generate power while inspiring and educating the viewers at the same time.

Hundreds of designers have so far shown interest to join the initiative. Inspired by the great turn around, the state of California has decided to organize a competition, scheduled for May, 2016 in Pasadena, where entrants will compete for designing the best structure that will use renewable energy or generate clean drinking water. 

According to Shaya Weinberger who is also one of the contestants, public art can possibly bring us closer to finding the solution we’re all looking and steer us away from the effects of climate changes.

The structure proposed by Shaya is designed to generate power by using wind and solar energy. He is currently testing his design, making sure that everything is prepared for t…