Art Lessons

Developing into a professional artist indeed takes talent, but more importantly it also takes discipline, effort, and willingness to sacrifice. Shaya Weinberger is an already established artist who has successfully taken the road towards becoming a professional artist. His rich experience has given him valuable lessons that now he is willing to share, hoping to serve as inspiration and guidance for other emerging artists. Becoming a professional artist requires more than simply being blessed with natural reading talent or ability, as you still have to grow and develop these talents. Artists constantly need to develop skills and discipline in drawing, conceptualizing, and direct observation.

Becoming a professional artist and getting an artistic job, is both exciting and challenging, so Weinberger had to learn how to navigate the legal, technical and social elements that come with the profession. An artist who sells a piece of art is primarily selling a piece of himself. So let the paints blend, mix, and flow, and if it feels good just trust your talents and instincts.

Once an emerging artist, Shaya learned to pursue his dreams and sell his art with advice from other, already proven artists. Looking back at that time, he knows that some of the best advice you can ever offer an artist is to learn how to market through social media, generate referrals, build relationships with galleries and, apply for art grants.

Where you are headed is much more important than how fast you will get there. So adjust your habits towards your goals and the things that motivate you. Some artists don’t like practicing any kinds of habits. Artist by nature are free thinkers and often fight against structure and rules. But, just like any profession, in order to be effective and successful artists, like Shaya Weinberger, you must have good working habits.

Also, if you’re organized, you’ll be able to work more efficiently. As long as you know what you need, when you need it, and where it is, then that’s all the organization you need. Without good habits you can easily get distracted and lose your focus. Good habits produce good results. But as Weinberger reminds, the more you practice a new behavior, the more it will become a habit.


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