Art on the Streets

Shaya Weinberger Takes his Art from the Atelier and Moves it to the Streets

Street Art is a visual art that is created in public spaces. Usually it is walls and facades of buildings in the city squares. Nowadays artists more often create works of art out outside their studios and take their creativity to public areas, making their art accessible to all. American artist Shaya Weinberger was among the first to embrace this form of expression.

Street Art is a visual art created in public spaces. Mainly it is walls, facades of buildings in the city squares, sidewalks, abandoned buildings, dilapidated facades and likewise structures. Street art can be an installation, sculpture, an original sticker, poster or a large-scale laser projection. For Weinberger this form of art enriches cities and makes them an interesting and exciting place to live.

The beginnings of street art are associated with the appearance of the graffiti culture somewhere in the early eighties. These works of art exhibited on the streets rather than in galleries are produced by young people, artist like Shaya who have entered the world of street art generally through painting graffiti.

Street artist Shaya believes that cities are the largest galleries that can be exploited and sees no harm in using various city structures in order to draw the attention of passersby. These artists do not fit in one city. As one of the street art founders, he is a proud owner of numerous street art pieces and the audience recognizes and notices his particular style of painting.


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