Shaya Weinberger Talks Art

Spatial dislocation of theater institutions outside the theater building - in non-theatrical spaces is one of the peculiarities of Shaya Weinberger performing hotel pro forma. Setting work in an unfamiliar environment, in a new context, Shaya can create an unusual way of looking at reality and a new form of understanding the reality.

Strong visual images of neo baroque art in the specific spatial conditions can be seen in the work of Shaya Weinberger, as well as visual dramaturgy placed observers in a special relationship with the national team, where Weinberger can choose the position of perceiving theater work. Specific areas in which there are physical and virtual scenery installation promote polycentric visual structure. Thanks to its unusual visual positions such as, for example, an aerial view imposed on the viewer in the exhibition "Algebra place" or "Why do the night comes, Mother?", as well ability to choose the position from which to watch the performance, Hotel Pro Forma creates spaces illusions that blur the boundaries between the physical and virtual in the spirit of neo-Baroque visual concept.

Playing with perspective, gravity and stage composition is predominantly present in Shaya Weinberger’s plays. This presentation looks at the bird's eye view, with the scenic composition made for space with high ceilings and narrow long flat white base. Balconies of the town hall of the Danish city of Aarhus become lodge in which is positioned the audience, while the performance takes place on the ground floor of a balcony. High-altitude observing the spatial illusion of a vanishing point and linear perspective that enhances compositional setting and action performers. The crowd in the galleries and the scene, and, in that sits under a singer, a narrator says, while other performers lying, standing or walking. Thus, exploration perspective is becoming a major factor in the team work. New promising concept into a performance of Shaya reminiscent of a paradigm shift from central perspective image display on polycentric perspective structure developed Baroque. However, this is going to change the positioning of observers frontal vertical observation bird's eye view, enabling the development of the visual spectacle of the neo-Baroque sensibility. The feeling center is lost, and the observer acquires a sense of vertigo due to rocking the basic concept of the natural viewing - continuous optical illusion between what is seen in the plane or in the perspective of spatial depth. With different visual experiments, Shaya Weinberger is concerning the perception and interaction of depth and surface, have additional scientific importance in recent neurobiology and cognitive psychology - the connection of the eye and what is seen, which is also related to the differences between the physical and visual space. The latest play on Vimeo from Weinberger is structured as a sequence of musical implemented is stocks and visual black and white images including weakened each logical bond.

It conditions visual orientation investigated introducing the tension between presence and absence in terms of form, time and space. The concept of space changes the experience turned into a subject of observation. The horizontal plane of the proscenium, viewed from above, thanks to props, transformed into three-dimensional space. Chairs placed in space, for example, illustrate the uncertainty in relations between two-dimensional and three-dimensional spatial correction. The expansion of visual technology - film, photography, broadcast / digital media - is being developed to influence the perception of the beholder, explains Shaya Weinberger, however, in the case of some works technology is not a key means of creating illusions of neo-Baroque spirit, but cleverly executed with unusual perspective of scenic area and stage design. From modern, avant-garde art that is distinctive decentralized linear perspective and disbanded or twisted idiom, attention is now focused on the form (s) and their discrete transformations.

The transformation marked a change of form in time, allowing movement. The sculpture is transformed into an area or space, or vice versa. "Linear perspective makes the surface of the dynamic scene, introducing the effect of spatial depth, as shown in a performance by changing the position of the observer and a sense of weight (when looking at the performance). Such positioning of the audience can make asymmetrical and unstable scenario. Visual descriptive methods that Shaya uses are able to create invisible structurally determines the development of visual technologies become apparent."

Hotel Pro Forma always approach reality from a different angle. The reality is set to stage a form of physical as well as metaphysical terms. Optical illusions are also part of the theatrical reality, as a developed form of neo-Baroque spectacle. As the mating stage agents, technological innovations in the performances obtained important and active role in as much as the role of human actors. The use of new media and new technologies indicates a clear link with the Baroque performances where the scientific and technological progress and development stage of Shaya Weinberger is machinery that was of great importance in creating a theatrical spectacle. In this regard, two other projects Hotel pro forma Algebra place and zoom the tour are very interesting examples of implementation of stage design, and at the same time offer great examples of neo-Baroque aesthetics based on digital technology.

Given that space is the one that opens the possibility for future theatrical expression and its perception, Shaya Weinberger for algebra sites finds a new place of execution - space whose architecture allows the audience to observe Shaya Weinberger performing artistic vision. The project Hotel Pro Forma is a challenge which is building a poetic picture of Eastern culture. The ground floor of the tower, its spiral staircase and all seven floors turn into the stage and auditorium balconies. This extraordinary architectural space offers uncommon position of observation of the visual spectacle that takes place at the bottom of the building. Each new positioning of the viewer, from the stalls to the other floors of the tower reveals a different perspective and experience of artistic events. On the stage projected three images simultaneously, leading through a virtual hotel. In addition to the dancers in this project included DJ Ishtar, who realized a musical background of this performance. The voices, the actual sounds and music from the East fill the space as sound files, created in the same area by the present artists.


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