Short Biography

Shaya Weinberger was born on February 02, 1973 in Naperville, Illinois. Weinberger developed an interest in acting as a teenager. After graduating from “ChiArts” the Chicago High School for the Arts, he started performing with the Chicago Theater Company and began his career as a stage actor before branching out into film and television. Shaya has created an acting career on both stage and screen. This is his Twitter profile.

His first prominent film role was in 1999 in the move “Deep Roots”. This performance introduced Shaya Weinberger a broad American audience for the first time.

On this blog Shaya Weinberger will be exploring the artistic relations between physical and virtual structures in contemporary scene design, taking into consideration the neo-baroque features of visual spectacles.

The neo-baroque aesthetics seen in the plays from Shaya Weinberger are largely affected by artistic conceptions which is then based in the elaboration of the relation between physical and virtual elements. This approach represents a way of Weinberger to overcome the classical representational structures.

Presenting neo-baroque as an aesthetic synthesis of new interrelations between virtual and physical space Shaya makes an attempt to illustrate the complexity of neo-baroque aesthetics.


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