Weinbergers Tips on Making an Art Career via Social Media Platforms

Every artist, no matter what form of art he does, should have a blog that showcases his work. Nowadays there are many great blogging platforms as blogs are a great way to tell your story and share content to social media channels, and thus keep your followers engaged. Shaya Weinberger utilizes different social media platforms to display his work of art. As he says, the internet is a great opportunity for both emerging artists and buyers, because they can enter the visual art market and even shape its development. Social media platforms offer benefits that can help artists get started in this rapidly expanding online visual art market.

The first and primer purpose of social media is to be social. That's why Shaya encourages aspiring artists not to use these platforms merely to talk about themselves, but rather to engage with others as much as possible. Joining a community and collaborating with other artists is the best way to achieve that. Shaya Weinberger recommends following artists' mixcloud profiles, using relevant hash tags on Twitter and Instagram, and utilizing Twitter's to find similar artists in your area.

Weinberger truly believes that there hasn't been a better time to be an artist, not since the Renaissance at least. We are currently on the edge of a period where technology and art are combined in a creative way, and this will make its mark on the world. And the biggest reason for this wave of change is social media.

Due to such movements in the online landscape, now artist can sell their work and earn quite the living, by taking to social networks. But social media is so much more than just a way to find potential customers. Among other things, social media has helped Shaya to establish his business, to put a face on his brand, and engage customers with his ideas, while building a following of fans. Now there are many different social platforms, and each of them provides an opportunity to allow your customers see what you’re really about.

So whether you are a part-time artist or a full-time professional artist, you will need to commit energy, time and effort to be successful at selling your art.


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