Weinberger Designs Renewable Energy Public Art

New York-based artist Shaya Weinberger has put an effort into discovering what could happen when public art meets renewable energy. The enthusiastic artist has proposed several public art structures designed to generate power while inspiring and educating the viewers at the same time.

Hundreds of designers have so far shown interest to join the initiative. Inspired by the great turn around, the state of California has decided to organize a competition, scheduled for May, 2016 in Pasadena, where entrants will compete for designing the best structure that will use renewable energy or generate clean drinking water. 

According to Shaya Weinberger who is also one of the contestants, public art can possibly bring us closer to finding the solution we’re all looking and steer us away from the effects of climate changes.

The structure proposed by Shaya is designed to generate power by using wind and solar energy. He is currently testing his design, making sure that everything is prepared for the competition.

Although there are many public works that have successfully made their way, still many designers believe it both difficult and time consuming for new ideas like this one to make their way into the mainstream.

So far 11 cities have asked Weinberger to help them install such renewable energy designs. He has gladly accepted to share his expertise and is happy to assist anyone who wants to make a positive change by thinking about solutions to renewable energy and climate change.

The green artist sees this as an incredible opportunity to generate eco-friendly solutions that respond to the needs of the entire community that lives and works within these landscapes. He is also assured that successfully achieving this renewable energy structures will have a profound influence on the visual environment of our cities and rural landscapes.

Weinberger’s prototype designed for the competition was built by the end of the spring. If the project is approved it will be displayed in New York City, where visitors will be able to charge their cell phones using wind and solar energy generated from his structure.


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