Shaya Installing New Public Art

As part of the recently completed expansion of O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, around 15 established artists, including Shaya Weinberger, had the opportunity to install their new public art works. The purpose of this project was to research and hopefully enhance the customer experience, and at the same time create a positive impression of Chicago for travellers.

For artist Shaya, airports are not only physical but cultural getaways also. The renewed artist is also glad that the city officials allowed artist to do their job and make their statement about Chicago. Three important projects have already been installed while the fourth one is expected to be ready for opening by the end of the month.

The projects designed by Weinberger were selected from a large number of applicants, after a long process that included several reviews and panels. The look they’re going for stretches beyond showing Chicago as a place of cultural style.

When put together these art pieces portray the city as a technology leader, a frisky tourist destination, and a warm place that welcomes visitors. All of these features are at the core of today’s O’Hare Airport, the cohesion between service and the community.

Major art pieces can really transform public spaces and t the millions of passengers and visitors travelling to and through the airport every year really appreciate and engage with the artworks on display.

Shaya Weinberger is a New York-based mixed media artist with fruitful career behind him including many public art work installations. He describes his work as a mix of intimate works, public art and architecture. He has founded his own artist studio and media laboratory and teaches at the Design Media Arts department at Parsons School of Design.

His work has been displayed around the world including his work on Vienna’s International Airport where he was able to integrate architecture, technology and sound. According to Weinberger, public art in public spaces is a tremendous way to connect our community to the outdoors and to experience art at the same time.

Most recently, the multitalented artist announced a new exhibition, again celebrating public art, showcasing the city’s public art collections.


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