Shaya Weinberger Displays his “People and Touch” Exhibition

The unique exhibition of the multi-talented artist Shaya Weinberger named “People and Touch”, was presented yesterday at the Museum of Arts and Crafts.

This season’s first in line exhibition is part of the project “A Look in the Dark”. The exhibition presents an entire section of the young artist Shaya creative work, with an emphasis on the human figure, shape and motion. 

Weinberger painted most of the models in nude act or portraits, and it’s the first time that he directly paints on somebody. The composition of the body in a certain position, apparel and white paper, it all seemed a little confusing to him in the first few minutes, but soon he managed to find his focus. Once he started to work, the compositions came spontaneously in a manner in which its abstraction will adapt to every situation.

Weinberger, Shaya prefers a world where you can feel abstractions on yourself or at least to some extent create your own impression. For him the best personal inspiration comes from constantly discovering creative people and artists who live and work in the present. As he explains naming a few great artist is at some sort a matter of culture, but since we live in the age of the Internet and various social networking sites, the real unlimited challenge lays in exploring new creative stories.


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