Shaya Weinberger and the Unusual Street Art

This Monday, New York hosted the first edition of the unusual street art festival, where around 200 artists from different fields, got out of their workshops, ateliers, studios and joined forces in an open- air creation, together with the citizens of New York. Shaya Weinberger was one of the artists who contributed and left his mark, in the creation of New York’s unusual image.

We sometimes forget that in fact art began somewhere in the open, from ancient Greece onwards, and even earlier, if we talk about the first man and the first need for artistic expression. According to Weinberger people together with the modern way of life and perception, have made art imposed by an artificial framework, an settled art institution trying to make her way, where the importance of art has nothing to do with its essence.

Art does not lose its own values depending on where it is showcased. For Shaya displaying art on the street makes it more accessible to its consumers, as it lowers the barriers. And this precisely is the intent of the street art festival which takes place at different locations in NYC. As he explains, not waiting for the audience to come and consume art, but rather have artists come literally at your door, can only have a positive effect. Shaya Weinberger used this experience as a reminder of the inceptions of conceptual art which implies a step forward from the usual way of presenting art and conquest of what is public space.


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