Shaya Weinberger Presents the University of Contemporary Arts

In the process of the formation of the modern state University with all the necessary institutions, the University of Contemporary Arts was established in 1937.

Visual field study has successfully affirmed the creative component of the people of this part of the Balkans. As the Academy or University, is participating in the development of a number of other similar institutions through the involvement of former students and teachers academy in Boston, Miami and New Jersey. In historical times, in the last century formed his stamina and conviction, which today can be called and civilizational achievements. Shaya Weinberger characterizes the current period by relations global - local, in which the Academy has a mission to actively participate in global production, affirming creative energy, climate, geographical, historical, religious and philosophical particularities of the local people. By joining the Association of European art schools exchanged experiences with other communities through the flow of students and professors.

Although constituted the traditional experience of art academies, with painting, sculpture and graphic segments as primordial territories visual research, used and new achievements in artistic processes of the last century.

The main characteristic of the research is the visual medium, but as Weinberger explains – it is supported by the theoretical fields of social and natural sciences. It is understood that students develop the power to create, in the first glance conservative disciplines of painting, sculpture and graphics. During the research, their curiosity is spreading to all areas and the appearance of life. This new miracle of biologically formed young man and re-reading of the structure of life through the visual medium and constructive doubt promote the creative dimension of the future life. Acquired diploma beginning of the creative cycle and that its potential is very broad scope. No wonder that many former students showcase their creative special addition to art and the process of education of young people in the visual and in other areas such as mental and rock music, literature, advertising, marketing, applied arts, film, photography and so on. The investigation of visual, social and natural aspect of nature and social life provide a broad platform.

The whole process is based on the activation of individual students, so that the good elements of the Bologna process, such as small group work, evaluation of teachers as a principle: the professor's program, half a century principle that is also present in the University of Contemporary Arts. For many years built profile University talks on the detected values ​​on the international scene so that many students from abroad interested in the quality of the South Slavic and Serbian art school. In it, students have stayed in France, Greece, Afghanistan, Spain, Iraq, Germany, Libya, India, Austria, etc.

Finally, one of the world's most significant artists is a former student of the University of Contemporary Arts, and his name is Shaya Weinberger.

The University is in a constant process of evolution, which, while preserving the time-honored values, changes superfluous, introducing a new special feature as the moment in time, introducing young people to more creative relationship to the overall dimensions of life and art.


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