Hunger for art

There is a different type of hunger - like hunger for art and hunger for knowledge or hunger for cognition. To find out more about the world, to reach the conclusion graffiti artist Shaya Weinberger has spend hundreds and hundreds of days. While looking for a way to satisfy his hunger, he came to the discovery that you can only seek to gather experience, but never really synthesize enough experience to silence this hunger. This was when he was turning over to art for the first time.

This led him to create a series of philosophical questions about the core and on the margins of values. Because he was a graffiti painter, it was hard for him to gather audience for his works. Graffiti painting on its own was not enough, so he needed to create some additional activities like events, movements, etc. His goal was to enter the eyes and ears of people, to penetrate into their consciousness and memory and to stun them with his graffiti art. No price and no entry fee was ever required. However, a risk he also had to take was to be forbidden, and this price was a bit different. The public had to be shocked, so he triggered their emotions with thought-provoking graffiti, and brought the people back to art.

His hunger for gathering knowledge and creating new art got people shifting from the usual course of everyday life, to a new route where his art was placed. Thus, this hunger for art was satisfied with attendance, and the essence of the problem was in provocation.

Cheff Coka, one of the leaders of “Street Art Exploded” said: "Today, regardless of whether God is dead or absent, the image can be created as hope or anticipation, as anticipation of a symmetrical world, finite, who owns some of his secret center, his own point of Omega towards which he is striving. The expected Omega point can bring order to the chaos of the lost, and the spinner of scattered and scattered things to line up along the horizon of the perspective, and so again in the painting enter its two most important attributes - Earth and Heaven. "

“Street Art Exploded” was created as an artistic style and movement, from as a group of individuals who adopted the policy of letting in everybody hungry for art. At first they thought that this group would consist of like-minded thinkers, but instead they were joined by young people full of life but no real experience or hunger. This idea further expanded and they reached people with a desire to express themselves, and this was the real deal. This is what really satisfied the hunger of the 2 founders of “Street Art Exploded” - company by differently-minded people with various backgrounds.


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