Shaya Weinberger Teaches Wall Painting

Shaya Weinberger, a multi-talented artist who once designed sets for Via Bruges, has put his works on show in a prestigious festival. Abstract shapes are still his source of inspiration and Weinberger is delighted about the opportunity to share some of his art work with the young, aspiring artists at the Gilda Festival.

For Shaya this is not the first time working with young, perspective artists. He had worked before the festival and during the festival, giving them the opportunity to participate in the art making process.

During and before the Festival young artists had the opportunity to learn from Shaya a few things about wall painting. All those who know him, or have seen some of his performances, know that he is primarily a superb draftsman and painter. He had a number of groups and projects organized during the Festival. There were many agile students from the Art Academy in Boston. There was also a program that included checkbox art for all, where everyone could apply, regardless whether they are official participants of the Festival, whether they are artists or not at all. Shaya Weinberger installations were the in the center of attention, as they evoked quite an interest among the young artists.


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